Why we keep preaching about healthy lifestyle in Scandinavian Homes?

Its interlocking structure is built out of solid wood and non-breathable materials are less used.

As we know that wood “breathes” better than artificial components. This means that air is able to flow in both directions. This results in air that is fresh and feels good. New production methods and processing technologies over the recent years have progressed to alleviate the problems of air not circulating well.

What is Thermal Mass? Scandinavian Sustainable Building System is naturally energy efficient. The thermal mass capacity of the walls is higher than those of brick or concrete walls of the same thickness. Wood stores heat, then releases it when it becomes cooler inside. As a result, the overall energy efficiency of our system is better than that of comparable structures.

Wood Protects – While wood is energy efficient, it also protects. A well designed home will have no humidity on the wood structure, reducing the chance of decay and parasites. By designing overhanging roofs, proper water drainage systems and by sealing the connection between the wood and the ground, the house will never stay humid for long. Rain beads off, and the wood dries quickly in the wind.