What is Sustainability? (Regarding the U.S. dictionary)

Sustainability means: “Living a life of dignity in harmony with nature – Renewing resources at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which they are consumed”

Sustainability come from the many parts of its operation.  We are sustainable for the reason of producing pre-cut building components, minimizing waste material and cutting on building sites.

All components are engineered for precise fit. Doesn’t matter how custom it gets. We are sustainable for the reason that we only use timbers from sustainable, maintained forest of Finland. Its factory produces its own energy, does not provide any pollution and meets the highest level of green building standards in Europe.

Forestry in Finland is doing extremely well and produces new trees every year more that is cut. Growth season is short and giving opportunity for the trees to grow in a maintain forest which provides the highest quality of wood components which many people are comparing to furniture quality lumber. Its short growth season also makes wood extremely dense due to slow growth and its material is considered a “hard” wood.

We are sustainable for the reason that our building system pre-cutting. Components are delivered straight from the factory to your building site and following instructions, the hardest part of the construction turns easy.