Scandinavian will provide full turn-key construction services for you in selected areas. Please contact Scandinavian staff for further details. If you choose to use your own builder or build a house by yourself, for this purpose we have technical support available to help you with any aspect of construction.

What should you check when you are selecting your builder?

  1. Try to get as many estimates as possible and learn all the main builders in your area.
  2. When you are selecting your builder, go to talk to their old customers. This is the best way to learn of their reputation.
  3. Make sure that your builder is licensed and has all the proper insurance and paperwork.
  4. Make sure they have functional accounting department with a well maintained accounting methods.
  5. Review their building contracts closely and understand rules and regulations regarding building a house in your state.
  6. Expect proper communication and realistic timelines for completion.

Perfect Fit!

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