Scandinavian, an International Residential Home Designer and Building Company produces “Green Built” homes using the best building products found around the world.

The Green Process begins in the design and production phase. Our in house engineering division, designs environmentally friendly homes in a variety of styles from modern contemporary to mountain rustic. With regard to our production it all starts with our manufacturer, Pellopuu Oy in Finland. Scandinavian and Pellopuu have great respect for natural values. We believe that even the tiniest everyday choices and decisions can affect the condition of our living environment, a clean environment fit for living is a fundamental necessity of life. Our manufacturing starts with the forest, the management of this precious resource, and how it is converted to a useful product.

Timber as a material is not harmful to nature, therfore the production process shouldn’t be. During our production process we strive to utilize materials with best possible efficiency, trying to achieve a standardized environmentally friendly production. Our experience in technical timberwork and in the production of laminated timbers has made Pellopuu into one of the world’s leading manufacturers. A skilled team of professionals together with leading-edge technology ensure the high quality of our products. Our manufacturing style of pre cut product reduces any construction waste, and all of our production by-product is clean burned and converted into energy to run our plant as well as being distributed back to local energy companies.

Our core wood products come from a sustainable forest in Finland. These forests have been managed by families for decades, keeping the critical balance of a healthy and thriving forest while adding to the prosperity of a forest dependant community. The trees are cut using the short-wood method, meaning that the trunks are stripped of branches and cut to an appropriate length on site. The branches and the crowns are left in the forest, which retains a stable recycling of nutrients for future growth. Sustainable forestry has been under systematic development in Finland since the 1940’s. During the last 40 years, tree growth has exceeded cutting by 20-30%.

“We take great pride in what the earth provides us, we are so fortunate to live, work and raise our families in amazing areas. It is the responsibility of all of us to maintain a balance with Mother Nature, to give more than we take”.

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