Frequently Asked Questions2016-11-22T00:47:44+00:00
What kind of warranty does my Scandinavian Home have?2016-02-05T09:52:33+00:00

Scandinavian provides 10 years limited warranty for its building components. This is much longer than other building suppliers. For building warranties, rules and regulations are followed in whichever state your home is located at.

Are Scandinavian Homes energy efficient?2016-02-05T09:50:07+00:00

Scandinavian homes are extremely energy efficient. Thermal mass capacity is much higher in our homes than in any other structure typically built for residential use. For this reason it is keeping your energy bills low in hot or cold climate. Scandinavian homes breath which keeps the interior air quality high, and minimizes carbon monoxide from gathering into your home.

Do I need to hire an Architect or Engineer if I consider building a Scandinavian Home?2016-02-05T09:50:00+00:00

No you don’t have to. Scandinavian has an excellent design and engineering team on staff. They can implement and create all the detailed ideas for your custom home. If you can dream it, we can build it. Our Scandinavian Design Department is working with ultimate custom designs daily and communicating with its customers to fulfill all their dreams. However, we always welcome new ideas from outside engineers and architects and enjoy having them work with our homes. Some of our customers like to use their own architects. After the conceptual planning is done, our staff will take over and convert all the details into reality. We work without borders with any ideas to create your future custom home.

Who will unload my Scandinavian Home and what equipment will they need?2016-02-05T09:49:55+00:00

Scandinavian home packages are delivered in 40 ft. steel containers by semi-trucks. Typically it takes about 1500 sq. ft. of space to fit in one container. Unloading can be handled by your building contractor or Scandinavian unloading team. Please study unloading procedures for detailed information. Typical equipment for unloading would be 4-wheeled fork lift and/or boom truck crane. Typically it takes about an hour to unload one container with the right staff and machinery.

Can my Scandinavian Home be delivered and built anywhere in North America?2016-11-22T00:47:44+00:00

Yes. Our building system is providing benefits of getting your house in any location in the country. Since we don’t have a middle man, the main part of your home will be delivered directly from the supplier. We have extensive experience with many location projects, deliveries and happy customers around the entire nation. The house package will be delivered in containers on semi-trucks. Drivers will make the final decision on how far they can go on the road. This all depends on your road conditions and how suitable for delivery trucks they are. Please study your unloading procedures or contact Scandinavian staff for details.

Who can build my Scandinavian Home?2016-02-05T09:49:42+00:00

A Scandinavian home can be built by any builder, building company, or private individual in the country. Our Leisure Collection homes are sometimes built by homeowners themselves. For this reason we have detailed on-site technical support service. Scandinavian also provides on-site building services in areas and will help you qualify and find a builder if you select to use your own. Definitely working with Scandinavian Home Building Co. is the most beneficial to you due to our years of experience working with these components.

What other material or work I need beside the Scandinavian home package to complete my future home?2016-02-05T09:49:34+00:00

Scandinavian home package is providing the largest most important part of your home. The main core structure of the building, exterior and interior components, windows and doors, trim and casing. Everything is integrated to work together. Our “total cost to build calculator” will direct you towards other items you should consider for a complete project. The location and the nature of the building will determine needed items. Contact Scandinavian staff for further details.

Is my payment and delivery protected?2016-02-05T09:49:26+00:00

Yes, your payment should be handled via a Letter of Credit from your bank. This protects you so the money is not released to the supplier until the purchased material is delivered to your building site. Please study information regarding Letter of Credit. Your shipping is protected via protection insurance provided for these purchases. Contact Scandinavian staff for more detailed information and study rules and regulations regarding Letter of Credit and shipping insurance. You are in good hands!

It must be expensive to ship a home from the other side of the world to my building site.2016-02-05T09:49:20+00:00

As a matter of fact it is not. We are eliminating a couple of layers of the middle man in our operation. All the material comes out of a sustainable forest. After the manufacturing process the house is loaded in 40 ft. shipping containers which are in global circulation, with multiple carriers. The same containers are transported using shipping lines. After arriving into the closest port, they are either transported by rail or truck. Final transportation to your building site is completed by a local trucking company. Containers will be unloaded, the first and only time on your building site once they leave the factory. Our shipping cost is about 6% of the material cost which is the same or less than any retail material cost in the United States.

How long does it take to deliver my home after I purchase it?2016-02-05T09:49:04+00:00

Scandinavian will deliver your house package between 6 -8 weeks after purchase. Please contact our shipping company for shipping tracking or Scandinavian staff for detailed information. During this shipping time you can coordinate your building permits, site clearance and excavation, footing and foundation work, finishing utility lines, etc. No time will be wasted while you are awaiting your shipment. Actually in most cases projects are not quite ready even when the shipment arrives. There are plenty of things to do for your future home during this time period. Study Scandinavian unloading procedures carefully prior to shipping and get your site ready for unloading.

How fast can a Scandinavian home be built?2016-02-05T09:48:55+00:00

Part of the building system benefit is the speed of construction. Since components are engineered and manufactured for precise fit prior to construction, proper planning and scheduling gives an excellent benefit for your building project. We have investigated that it takes about 45 days to complete a thousand sq. ft. of a structure. For this calculation we use gross sq. ft. calculation with heated areas, garage, balconies, porches and other areas under roof. For technical support on your project planning stage, please contact Scandinavian staff at 1-435-513-0355.

How much will it cost to complete Scandinavian Home?2016-02-05T09:52:44+00:00

A Scandinavian Home package typically cost between $40 – $60 per living sq. ft. This controlled cost is giving you an excellent starting point for determining your complete project cost. If you choose to build your home yourself, you save money. The cost depends on the purpose of the structure and level of lifestyle. Cost will vary depending on the state and location of your building.