At Scandinavian, Customer Care is paramount.

In addition to offering a superior building product, high end customer care is the basis that we have built our business around. Customer care is not just offering quality services, it is looking after your client’s best interest. We do this by offering many levels of service and by offering a very high end home product at a cost that customers know they received a great value. Our clients are very proud of the homes that we provide and build for them, they showcase their homes to friends and family which is a great endorsement of our product.

Customer Care Services range from:

  • Design Engineering
  • On site construction
  • On site consultation
  • Interior design
  • Landscaping plans and installation
  • Builder consulting
  • Building coordination
  • Instructional classes
  • Instructional DVD’s
  • Total cost to build calculator
  • Plan and document record keeping
  • Construction site cameras
  • Product delivery to building site
  • Internet support
  • Phone support